As promised I am talking about a couple of the characters from my novel Death of a Political Nobody. The story is from Jon’s point of view and we learn a lot about who he is and what he believes in throughout the book. We uncover the reason for his animosity toward Sabine and a smidge about his family.

Jon has an older sister and a younger brother, Frank. Frank looked up to Jon and they were close until the pretty girl, Sabine, moved in next door. That’s when everything changed. Moments after seeing Sabine for the first time, Jon alienates Frank. Feeling slighted, Frank makes several choices that send his life down a path of self-destruction. These aren’t immediately apparent, but throughout life, often decisions made during our developmental years, lead to habits that are hard to break and that’s what Frank does. Jon isn’t oblivious to his younger brother’s escapades but feels torn between emerging feelings for Sabine and his love, need, to protect his brother, as Frank acts out in an attempt to regain Jon’s attention.


This brings us to the question of the ball cap that I hinted at last week. During the novel Death of a Political Nobody, Jon finds a box full of memorabilia Sabine has kept over the years. Among the items is a ball cap, where did it come from and what does it have to do with Jon’s relationship with Frank?

Jon first meets Sabine while playing street ball with Frank and a group of neighborhood kids. Jon notices the pretty girl sitting on the porch next door watching as movers carry furniture inside. He goes over and asks her to play ball with them, but Sabine doesn’t answer. She continues to watch and as the sun comes out from behind clouds, she shades her eyes with a hand. Seeing this, he offers her a ball cap. It’s a simple gesture with profound and far reaching consequences. Can you guess whose cap it is?

Is this the only time or incident that shows Jon and Frank’s inability to act like adults in and toward one another? I give another hint of the turmoil between the brothers during a conversation Jon has with Sabine in the second chapter of Death of a Political Nobody. Later in the story, we discover Frank is involved in the reason Jon and Sabine aren’t together.

Though Frank never shows in the physical and is a minor character, he is important to the story, because he’s important to Jon. He helps round out Jon’s character and gives a hint to Jon’s motivations. In Death of a Political Assassin, a WIP follow up to Death of a Political Nobody, Frank is an integral part of the story.


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