What am I currently working on? Well, glad you asked. I am looking for the perfect agent/publisher combination. In my idealistic world, that person must and will love my book as much as I do and be enthusiastic in seeing them in print and in the hands of unsuspecting souls.

My romantic suspense, working title Death of a Political Nobody, is in search of a home and an agent/publisher.

Jon Murray is hoping to find his name on the presidential ticket in the fall, but his estranged wife shows at a political function and threatens to derail his childhood dream. Sabine is a Marine first. She works as a linguistics specialist, but what she does for our government has little to do with language and far more to do with national security. The problem is, someone wants her dead and Jon finds himself included in the contract because of his association to Sabine, or that’s how she presents the situation when she asks for his help.

Nothing is ever simple where Sabine is concerned, not for Jon. He fell in love with her when she moved in next door, Jon was eleven. Now they’re closing in on fifty, but the marriage of ten years was never consummated and the last time he saw her, was after the ‘I do’s.’ The more she draws him in the harder he fights his reemerging love and the farther his dream drifts away.

Okay, so that’s the gist of the story, at least as a romance, but Death of a Political Nobody is more than a romance. Or I’ve been told the story has too much plot for a romance, which I can’t see as much I see that it has too much romance for a straight up suspense. There’s intrigue, drama, family lies and deceit, as well some sexual tension. There’s violence and sex, not at the same time, and twists that you won’t see coming until you roll over in the morning into a face full of cat fur.

You’re going to want to read this because Jon’s basically a nice guy, who married his high school sweetheart and then had his heart ripped out when she left. Not literally, but still. He has resentment. And lust. When we first meet Jon he’s firm in what he wants, but by the end of the book, he wants something entirely different. Come, see how he changes and why.

Have I talked it up enough yet? No, well, I can’t give the whole story away.

Come back next week when I’ll explore some of Jon’s characteristics you won’t learn in the novel. What is the significance of the ball cap? Why is there family strife between Jon and his brother? Do these two items have anything to do with the other?

Yeah, stuff like that.