We all love and dread feedback. It’s true, as much as we want to make our writing better, improve our manuscript, and just become better. There is that expectation that some of the feedback will be negative. One has to prepare for the occasional I hate it and we all hope for that one I love it.

Recently I shared a short piece with someone I don’t usually share with. An avid reader, she doesn’t usually read my genre. I expected the typical, not bad, or needs a little work, but what she gave me had my heart singing.  She loved it.

Although I’m not going to share the piece because I’ve submitted it to a contest, I will share her comment.

         It just exudes allusions of bone draining tiredness, weariness. Undertones of despondency and melancholy, but yet a small glimmer, just a spark of hope. And woven in and out of the story is a basal thread of doggedness, determination, tenacity and plenty of moxie.  

I strive to hear this kind of feedback and knowing that this piece evoked this response, shows me that I can achieve my desire, to write a story that will evoke this kind of response. Thanks Debbie for the ego boost.  And thanks to my writer’s group for helping me bring the piece to this level.

What’s is your best response to something you’ve written, and for those who do not write, what story, novel, provoked the most emotional response? Leave your comment and share with everyone. Maybe someone will pick that book up and enjoy it as much as you did.