When it comes to books that move me to any emotions, there are few. The fact is, I can name maybe 3 that I’ve read that did.  My recent read, a Stephen King book will have to be added as number four. Maybe reading is misleading, listening to someone else read to me is more accurate. This is the first King book, beside his book on writing, that I’ve finished.


What book?  11-22-63   I don’t know how many of you have read 11-22-63, or  the book jacket, watched a trailer, heard friends talk about the book and want to read the book, but the story wasn’t what I thought it was going to be about . The JFK assassination is a major focus, but that wasn’t the bulk of the story line, which seemed to take a while to  gain it’s momentum and any sense of the plot. I’m told this is typical for King. Once the plot started moving though, I found it hard to put down.

Not an avid King fan, I was surprised at how eloquently he uses description. I’m truly impressed with the way he works a story, the details he infuses, and the spirit he brings to his characters. I did find a few inconsequential overly described people and places. I also found one oops. Sorry can’t help it, since I’ve started writing for publication, really writing and really paying attention to how it all flows, I can’t just read for enjoyment. I find little things. Even saying this, I am impressed with his writing. Makes me wish he had more books I could  lose myself in. I’ve tried reading some of his other works and haven’t found any I could finish. Sigh.

What about the book? It’s a wonderful journey that will engage and delight, make you cringe, laugh, and at a couple of places cry. I’m not a crier, I had tears. I really became invested in Jake, the MC, and his plight, his many plights as he moves toward his desire to stop the JFK assassination. The story was more than just this goal, it was a lifetime of experiences that cumulated in an ending I didn’t see coming.

The past is obdurate.  It doesn’t want to be changed and as Jake goes along, trying to change the past with the intent of a better future, the past throws multiple obstacles in his path. A major theme of the story is comparisons of characters from one location to another location as Jake moves from venue to venue and through time. The past harmonize, resonates with the future and King shows this theme in various ways.

I found myself not wanting the book to end, or at least, not wanting it to end without a closure I could live with. Many authors would have wrapped the story a bit sooner , but I’m glad King didn’t. Maybe not the ending I would have written, but the story came full circle and left me satisfied.  Hats off to King.

11-22-63  left me with a deep desire to write like King. I enjoy writing. I enjoy reading what I’ve written to the point that I often have a difficult time editing, because I get caught up in the story and don’t want to stop to edit. Is my writing perfect? Still working on that, but King makes me feel as if I’m a child just learning to write my name.

Would I recommend this book to my fellow readers? I would. Jake Epping would give the book an A+, because it evoked an emotional response from this reader.