They say every writer has only so many characters in them. Even as we write new characters,  there are aspects of the old   evident. If you follow a writer’s work, book to book, series to series, there are often characters and traits we see in the new characters. Sometimes, the only thing that changes is their physical appearance.  I’m sure I am as guilty as the last, but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about today.  I wanted to look at one of my characters and how they have changed from book to book.

In the second book of Alex (Working title), a few of characters from Not Her Father’s Son show. The two main characters dealt with life changing events before the book concluded.  Alex was the most affected and  came away with a major personality change.  I thought it might be interesting to discuss these changes.

In book 1, Alex worked at the DOJ as a special agent.  She had recently fought to return to work after an undercover assignment ended badly. The job required long days and many trips out of state. While at work, Alex lived on coffee and one night stands with men she barely knew.  At home, she was a consummate athlete, aware of her every morsel and it’s nutritional value.  Alex also leaned heavily on her life partner for emotional support

Book 2 we find Alex doesn’t require men and sex to keep the demons at bay. She’s made peace with them, as much as she can. She no longer runs or works out, instead getting out of bed and moving through the day is the workout. She’s replaced  obstinance with pride, and the hate and resentment she felt toward her mother, with understanding and sympathy. Being made weak physically has taught her to be strong spiritually. She still reads, but prefers true life crime novels over romance, no longer looking for an escape, but missing what she had. Before she wanted someone to protect and take care of her, now she’s just wants a friendship of equality.