Or should that be a Stone in the lake?  

Today I’m writing about a major character in the Second Book of Alex, which I am still debating to continue slogging through or just trash the entire idea.  Maybe today’s title should be more along the lines of when do you give it up as a bad egg?

Who is Sam Stone and why should you care? Sam is Jack’s best friend since childhood. For those who don’t know, Jack is one of the major characters from Not Her Father’s Son, the first book of Alex. Jack went to college following high school and Sam joined the military. After serving two combat tours with the Army Rangers during Desert Storm, Sam returned  home and went into law enforcement.

They’ve kept in touch, remained friends, and even worked together when a case Jack was investigating with the DOJ brought him to Sam’s Town. If you’d asked Sam, he’d have said they were close.  That was before Jack’s Mom died and Jack moved to DC when his sister’s cancer was diagnosed as terminal. Before Jack met Alex.

Sam’s s a good looking man, in a rugged sort of way, but he’s not easy to live with and tends to gravitate to the bimbo’s and needy when what he most desires is someone his equal. Or that’s what he tells himself. Each of his five wives has been prettier than the last. They have also been younger and more immature to the point he often feels he’s married to a child instead of a woman. Even he sees the fallacy in his choices.

He likes his eggs with steak in the morning and his coffee black at his desk when he starts his work day. Utilitarian in his clothing choices, he wears jeans and a flannel shirt over a t-shirt when not in his sheriff uniform. Typical for the type, he’s a workaholic, or maybe he’s a workaholic because he doesn’t handle his personal life with anything close to finesse. Even his Brittany spaniel prefers to be alone to Sam’s company most days and the cat that adopted him, would just as soon swipe at his feet in the dark as piss in his boots while Sam watches.

In the Second Book of Alex, Sam is called in to investigate a death. On the surface the scene looks like a hunting accident, but Sam knows you work every case like a murder or  risk missing important details. That and Jack insists it’s anything but what it looks like. Uncovering the truth leads Sam to look more closely at his lifelong friend and as the evidence stacks, Sam is left questioning everything Jack’s ever told him.