Currently I am writing a short story and working on several novels, non of which have titles. The short story is a combination of the real and the magical, or magical realism. I refer to the one novel as the second book of Alex because it is novel two in a series and continues the character Alex. I’m also working on a novel that began as your basic police story, it’s morphed. For lack of another the file is titled Sal, the main character who interestingly enough, is not the focus of the story. For those who do not write, this might sound odd, but trust me when I say, sometimes characters take over a story.

The short story has two main characters, Ankou, a fallen angel and Veronica a.k.a. Vern, who is a homicide detective. There are a few supporting characters like Ankou’s brother and Vern’s partner. Ankou has issues, beyond the whole fallen angel bit and an anger problem, he tends to be sarcastic and just a little self-centered. I like Ankou because he’s fun to write.  His voice is first person which gives me a little more leeway to be more obnoxious with the sarcasm than usual. Vern, is tight wound and head strong woman in charge of her career not about to let anyone tell her how to run her life. She’s more interested in solving murders than enjoying anything beyond the job.

What brings these two characters together beyond the murders that Ankou has committed? The longing of a father’s love. To find out more, you’ll have to read their story.