without me apparently. I’ve been contemplating this blog and the content I post here. When I started I wanted it to be a writers blog, but not your typical writer’s blog where all I blog about is the writing process. The idea was it is about my writing. My novels. My character. My stories. For the most part I have kept to that with the occasional foray into other areas such as buying a new laptop. Starting January 1 I began writing more frequently and toyed with the idea of doing a blog daily, even posting a Today’s Word for over a week. The problem with this is, I really prefer to write something of substance and as much as I love learning new words, teaching others has never been my intention. Now we sit on tuesday evening after returning from my writer’s group and I realize I’ve yet to post this week. If nothing else, I do plan to continue to post weekly. My dilemma is, what to post? So I ask you my readers, what do you want to see from me? I like to post information concerning my current works in progress, like character analysis, information you’re not going to learn from the story, but you might find interesting.  I enjoy posting my flash fiction as I write them and receiving your feedback. The question I pose to you today is what do you enjoy?

Sound off here and we’ll go from that. I may continue what I like and will add what you are looking for. For those who want writing advice, substantial writing advice, I can direct you to a number of very good advice givers. Look at my side bar and and pick one or two of the people I follow. Yes, I have a few others who aren’t writers, but most of them are and most offer wonderful advice on how to and why come.

I’m off for another week, my intention to finish a novel or two. Wish me luck and Ya’ll come back now ya hear.