Sunday’s word, Procrastination; The act or habit of putting off or delaying tasks that often require immediate attention or little effort.

Procrastination would explain why I’m sitting here on a Tuesday morning wanting to scream. Okay, not exactly explain it, but somewhat. I have been writing for a very long time, with my most recent stint beginning about five years ago. For those who have been following my blog a while, I apologize for the rehash I’m about to do; however, it’s important to the story. This renewal started when I finished the second book in a series that I’d fallen in love with and the third book, continued to take an excessive amount of time to be released. A long time, as in years with new dates repeatedly announced. I did what anyone else would do, I wrote the next book myself, unknowing I was writing fan-fiction. That sparked a plethora of more writing and what is now a series of six finished YA fantasy novels. When I say finished, I mean, I’ve written the end, not that they have endured all the edits required for publication.

The first one was a masterpiece to be out done by no one when I typed The End. Silly girl, that was just the beginning as any real writer knows. Then I did what any reasonable person would do upon completion, I put it aside and started another novel. I’ve gone back to the first many times, tweaking, editing, rewriting sections, as I found out when I took it out of the drawer the first time, it was a rough draft. Years down the road now, I am ready to submit it to the Fifth Annual Breakthrough Amazon Novel Contest. But wait, I pulled out my MS and printed it yesterday and what did I find? It needs another edit. Two weeks until the open of submissions and they’re only taking a certain number and I need to do another edit.  Thus the need to scream.

In reality, page 1 through about half way, is fine, it’s the later pages that are in dire need of my attention. Least I hope that’s all. So for the next 12 days, I will be nose to the grindstone readying my YA novel for submission. I’m open to any advice on the best way to accomplish this?  It’s only 144k words that after reading parts last night, I am sure I can get down to, oh, I don’t know, 100k.  Some would say still a lot for a YA, but I’m talking upper YA, 17-21ish.  Wish me Luck and if I’m absent from social sites for a weekish, you now know why.