and I’m in my zone

Wondering what I can do all alone.

I thought to have written some wonderful prose

Instead I’ve only sat and looked at my toes.

I can’t tell you the last time I posted on here

probably the UPS guy with some cheer.

If you’ve missed my daily post this week

visit the archives at my alternate geek

For days upon days I’d been out of commission

Until the grace of a theresa

put me back on my mission

now I sit and ponder for no good reason

What next to write in my rhyme of the season


Seriously folks, I appologize for the site being down most of last week and hope and trust that some of you at least, visited my other site. I had considered getting rid of it, but am now glad I didn’t.

I’m behind in my completion of two short stories but promise, myself if no one else, to finish those and the WIPs by end of year. I’ll keep you posted and please, keep visiting.

As a side bar/note, today is the biggest download day of the year for eBooks and I trust you will visit and download my only publication. It is free and titled Dream Rider .


There are some other notables there as well. As I’ve mentioned before Cyndi Pauwels, another free read Sadistic Muse.

Happy New Year