and sat down beside her and said… (insert pithy comment of your choosing here______)

Which has nothing to do with today’s post. Actually, today’s post has nothing to do with much of anything and everything to do with everything. To begin, my house was invaded by Geeks this past week. Yes, that’s right Geeks, a gaggle of them to be exact. A gaggle being more than 3 and less than a million, but sometimes felt like the later. My living room; aka, the psuedo dining room with our large dining table opened to its full capacity was at times, covered with a multitude of computers. Laptops, desktops, and the like. As was the spare room and younger son’s bedroom. Not to mention the family room filled with yet more geeks playing video games on a PS3/Xbox360/Wii, which they carried in.

Apparently Skyrim, on any system, is the current IT game. Those not playing Skyrim were engaged in Minecraft, which reminds me more of an old DOS game and/or Star Craft. Often times a shout from one room to the other was heard, a call of duty, if you will, to save someone or the occasional derogatory rebuff of idiocy at the demise, digitally speaking, of one attendee, due to the ineffectualness of another player.

Who are these whom occupied my domain to participate?  Well, my younger son’s high school friends out on break of some sort from their college responsibilities. Always nice to see them grown, yet not matured.  In defense, they brought their own computers, food, and drink. (including alcohol.) For the most part they cleaned up after themselves, if not by their own volition, at my request. They make for a lively house blessed with laughter and not a few disagreements. Game play of battles without discord on the pitch is highly unlikely.

This brought reminiscent of my childhood where we’d gather at someone’s abode and spend hours, an entire weekend, playing the ultimate RPG (Role Playing Game), D&D (Dungeon & Dragons). But we used our imaginations far more than these boys. For those of us diehards, Geeks with little else going on in our lives, we ignored nourishment during high school lunch to play D&D. It was a cult, a calling, an acceptable deterrent in keeping the spiders at bay and a way to be someone more than simple teenagers. Many of us planted feet in the drama club and sold our wares on stage or in the dark caverns of the wings, to continue the facade down a more substantial avenue.

Today, Some of my then compadres have moved into an adult version, in a way, of D&D by joining  the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and at least one a full fledged Actor, which makes me long for a more adventurous spirit.

But wait, there’s more to this tail. After a full five days of  robust engorgement of the land by the full brigade, I headed into work  knowing at my returned, the castle would be devoid of Geekdom. Upon my homecoming, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, er… front door, I was greeted by a sock in the driveway and a pair of tightie whities on the lawn. Now, mind you, a gaggle of geeks had only recently departed the dwelling and from the precarious proximity to the path one might venture  leading from said door to a mode of transportation, it would be logical to assume that someone had dropped the pieces of under clothing. One would think. The trouble being, these strapping young men are of good size and the items  too miniscule for their broad posteriors. 32″ waist band.

So the mystery remains… Whose running around without skivvies?