Last week I reviewed one of the essay’s from The Moment I Knew Reflections from Women on Life’s Defining Moments.  As promised, today’s post is another review, this time about loss.

In the Last Call for Musicians by Tami Herzer-Asbi,  she paints a picture of the love she has for her father without ever voicing it. To be honest, it had me near tears. She receives the call that her father is being moved to Hospice and Tami goes to be with him during his last hours. But Tami doesn’t just sit with her father, she hears him, though he never speaks. Tami’s father was a musician and that life-long passion comes through even as he  lies in a drug induced state.  She brings music to his last hours by singing the songs he taught her as a child. When a stranger joins in, she realizes that help, like music, comes from many different resources.  It’s a vivid reminder that we often have an impact on those we don’t see and others can give back in ways we never expect.

Her heartfelt words offer a gentle keepsake that time is limited and precious, and that we need to take pleasure in something as simple as a song.