The Moment I knew, Reflections from Women on Life’s Defining Moments is a collection of essays about life.  The topics range from love to family, pregnancy, loss, life’s lessons.  The authors are from all walks of life and various countries, each bringing with them their unique voice and understanding.

The first one I want to talk about is titled Powerful Eyes of Love by Cyndi Pauwels.  During a snow covered day in Ohio, Cyndi sits behind the wheel of the family car as her husband struggles to get it out of the snow. The situation triggers flashbacks, unwanted  memories of a tormented childhood.

I can remember days likeCyndi describes. You’re wanting to get out, thinking you can conquer  the snow only to find yourself turned sideways.  Through her words I can imagine the sound the engine makes as it whines trying to get unstuck, the feel of tension as you slide further askew and the angst of long gone memories as they invade. The prevailing feeling Cyndi brings into the story is the love her husband shows her in so many  ways. As simple as a look into his eyes of love, a gentle touch, and a nod of his head, gives her strength to move beyond.

The Powerful Eyes of Love expresses with grace, how quiet acceptance and love can help us overcome our past and move beyond it’s reach.

There are many stories in the book, this is one of two that  touched me more than the others. Look for another review next week. Meanwhile, the book can be purchased at Saguti Publications website linked here.