For those who do not know, writing is a process. There are some who take an idea and organize it. Plot it out on paper before beginning. Know everything, or most of the plot and sub-plot before starting. Theyve decided how long the novel will be and the general path it will follow. Im not one of those.
For me the process starts with an idea, maybe just a character or one thing that will happen. I figure out what and where along the way, or better, my characters lead me by the nose and I somewhat, sometimes, reluctantly follow.
For the second book of Alex, I knew the major of what was going to happen before I began and who would be in the novel, but thats about it. For instance, I knew there was going to be a murder and that Jack would be implicated. I knew who was going to die (no, Im not telling) and I knew how. The details have been trickling in, but Ive been stuck on the murderers identity and why they were willing to kill. Were they paid? was it for love or money? No idea. I also knew Dr. Klink would have a role, but as posted last week, I wasnt sure what. See I had all this… stuff from him and about him, that interacted with Jack. And as often happens, I got an inspiration as I drove home from work today.
Im not ready to work on the MS quit yet, too much life happening, but with that put to rest, I have a direction for the blog posts. I am going to take a closer look at two very minor characters from Not Her Fathers Son, Dr. Klinks wife Marilyn and Sal, mentioned only once in the first book. To be honest, Im not sure Sal was even named, but he plays a part in book two.
Long explanation later, over the next few posts, I will delve into the psyche and the lifes of Marilyn and Sal. Im not going to tell you their part in the up coming novel, but I am going to give you insight into how they got where we will find them.
How do you write? Are you a plotter or a pantser?