There once was a doctor, psychiatrist, who dedicated his life to helping others cope with life, understanding what made them who they were and how to handle the set backs. He used his gift, for that’s how he saw it, serving law enforcement officers handle the stresses of carrying a badge and a gun. Within these parameters, he held to a strict code of conduct he believed was in the best interest of his patients and his sanity. Until he meets Alex Carver. Though he’s treated Alex for years, he received little in the way of interaction from her, spending more of their time in stalemate then productive counseling.

The Second Book of Alex, (as yet untitled) explores two of the characters from Not Her Fathers Son, Doctor Klink and Jack McCaleb. Its still in its draft stage and Ive yet to decide whose story it will actually be. Ive got a whole story line involving Jack, but just as much with the good doctor. Maybe a crossing story line where no one really knows where it will go.

One of the things Ive learned about the good doctor in writing the Second Book of Alex, is he, like other characters along the way, is somewhat narcissistic. He has taken the failure with Alex he perceives, as a personal affront, willing to drop everything when she calls in the middle of the night, years since they’ve had any contact. He jumps a plane, flying across the country on a moments notice, leaving a baffled wife wondering where his allegiances lie.

But as surprised as I am to find him willing to risk a fifty plus year marriage, Im more shocked that he will discard his hippocratic oath, primum non nocere, for his own peace.

Every time I sit down to write a story idea, it seems pretty straight forward, but Im no longer taken aback when it turns a twisted path down a dark corridor. What hall doth your stories drag you?