What matters? That I want to keep reading and can’t put the book down, or that I skim through 25% of the descriptive passage to get to the heart of the story?

That’s the question I ask myself now that I am done reading ANYTHING by Michael Baron. It’s a romance about a guy who is given the opportunity to see his future wife as she was before he met her. There is a secret she’s kept from everyone and it has altered the happy vibrant young woman she had been. Given the opportunity to go back and erase the event, he is warned of irrevocable changes that may affect not only his life. Now he must deal with the consequences.

It started a little slow, but once the story got moving, I didn’t want to put it down. That said I also found it filled with very vivid descriptions that made the world come to life and drove me to distraction. Some may find the lengthy scene setups and character descriptions welcomed, but I wanted to know where this was going and now. The story kept me reading, but I skimmed through a quarter of it to know the end.

Somewhere in here is a good balance,  mine in choosing the type of books I will read,  (I was venturing beyond my norm) or the authors in knowing how much description and narrative, scene set-up, is needed. If you are a romance enthusist, I highly recomend this book, if you’re like me and dable in the romance, you’ll probably find yourself skimming a few sections, either way, I think you’ll enjoy reading ANYTHING.

Tickle the Ivory