Promissory Payback a Jane Perry novelette is written by Laura Dewey and published by The Story Plant. This is my first introduction to the writing of Laura Dewey and her character Jane.

Jane Perry is a tough detective with more than a few chips on her shoulder. The story opens with a prologue, which I personally hate, that quickly gives us the gist of the story. It’s about not being a victim, revenge, irony, and it’s about, well, Karma, it can be a bitch sometimes.  When detective Perry shows up at her latest murder case, she  finds a gruesome scene where the victim has not only been brutalized but left in a humiliating position. A little old lady dressed in her Sunday best is watching, her best friend is lying dead on the bed and she can’t seem to take her attention away.

With her instincts honed, detective Perry has the scent almost immediately and begins to pull apart the plot systematically. Throughout we get small glimpses into the heart of detective Perry and the trail toward the murderer, or is that plural? By stories end, the reader is left unsure of who, if anyone, deserves sympathy, and who should be applauded.

This is a quick read that keeps you reading and leaves you wanting to know more about Jane.