Here’s the premise for my new story. Fortyish year old woman, married almost thirty years to a lifetime military person, has two grown boys, a teenage girl and a dog. She has a full-time government job that she likes. They own a house in the suburbs, a car, a truck, a motorcycle (hers) and high quality bicycles. They’re each other’s best friends. They do the movie and dinner thing about every other week. The boys have both graduated from college and have jobs. The girl is very talented musically, but she’s still a girl and a teenager. Sounds good so far, right? But wait, it’s never that simple or who’d want to read it. There are always good and bad to any marriage, but being married to military, there are extras. Like, on the good side, as a guard’s man, ex-active duty Air Force, he’s home most of the time and only goes away for two weeks every summer. A reprieve. On the bad side, he’s currently deployed to a hostile environment for six months. Of course, being military, that’s plus a month of training, so seven months give or take a few days or a week.

The oldest boy is mid-twenties, lives in an apartment with his girlfriend, but is somewhat financially dependent. The younger boy, early twenties, very independent, but lives at home. He has a very outgoing fiancé and they are getting married in over a year. Already planning the wedding. OMG, planning a wedding that’s over a year away. As for the teenage girl, there are inherent issues in that alone. Just being a teenager can be an issue in itself. And the dog is old. How old? Relatively speaking, he’s got one leg half in the grave. Sad but true.

But wait, there’s more. Let’s add a few roadblocks to the happy life. Like a van that makes noises, truck that has a busted leaf spring bracket, and both son’s cars have problems. But wait, our heroine wakes one morning to go to her job to find her work boots soaking wet. WHY? Because the water heater is bulging on the side and for some odd reason, it’s leaking from the top. However, our heroine is ever faithful in her job and goes to work for three hours, then comes home and with the help of her beloved brother, replaces the water heater.

All better, yeah right, later the water softener starts acting up. Not exactly an unexpected event, it happens at least once a year. So now it’s leaking on the floor. Has a clog somewhere, so she cleans the venture valve and all that stuff the manual tells her to and it still acts up and is leaking from the overflow. After several hours of diligently following the directions, she believes all is better. Oh, did I mention the older boy called while she is replacing the water heater to ask if he can borrow her van. His car won’t start.

Next morning there is water on the floor again and the water softener is still acting up. The son’s car still won’t start and the other’s son’s car is in the garage on jack stands because the gas tank is being replaced, or has been replaced but it leaking gas.

Remember the husband who is overseas? He has a truck, the son wants to use it. Well, the truck started leaning the week before the husband left and our heroine hasn’t given it much thought. Now that her son wants to borrow it, she takes a better look. The bracket that holds the leaf spring is busted and the spring has been resting on the truck bed and is starting to make a dent. Can’t borrow the truck until that is fix. Plus, the van had an odd sound it was making that was fixed months back, but now has started making the same sound. As she goes to leave work, she sees that the van has a nail in a back tire.

Hubby calls and wants something simple sent, mouthwash. Show of hands, who knew that mouth wash contains alcohol? You cannot send alcohol out of the country through the postal service.

Sigh, sound like the makings of a good story?

I don’t, not really, because it’s my life.  Just wanted to share.