The reason I started this blog is to promote me, my books and writings, and to have conversations with those who might enjoy my books or are of the writer variety. After another long arduous bought of editing my romantic thriller, Death of a Political Nobody, I’ve decided to query. See below. I have not addressed the query to anyone specific as I am still looking into who, at this time, would be the best candidate for a positive reception. Also, once I have decided to whom I will send the query, I will include a personal note indicating why I believe they would be interested. I am looking for feedback on the query. Please answer these questions in the comments. Does it entice you to want to read it? Is there something that stands out as needing to be fixed? Spelling, grammar, etc. Are you an agent who would like to read more?


Dear Well-Researched Agent,

Hosting a political function, Jon scans the crowd and sees the reason he has never found happiness, and the potential end of his aspirations, his estranged wife, a government paid assassin.  Death of a Political Nobody is a romantic suspense complete at 99,000 words.  It will appeal to an audience who enjoys thrilling intrigue tangled with the complications of forgotten love.

Jonathon Murray hasn’t seen Sabine in close to ten years. A government paid assassin, she left him at the altar after the ‘I do’s.’ As he steps out into the political arena, her reemergence threatens to destroy his life-long dream. When she asks for his help during a fundraiser, Jon refuses, but knows it’s not likely to end there. Days later, he is questioned by the police after his running mate’s brother is found dead in Sabine’s hotel room and he returns home to a mysterious phone message suggesting she has gone rogue. His government wants his help, Sabine wants his help, and the only truth Jon knows is he’s being manipulated – but by whom? Plagued by erotic dreams and a desired political career, he walks a tight rope between his past and future. When Sabine is injured by a man identifying himself as her handler and the entire incident is covered up by a trusted friend, Jon begins to search for evidence. Each revelation brings him closer to a family history of lies and deceit, and reawakens a love he tells himself is over. In the end, Jon will do anything to hold Sabine again.

I have written several short stories and completed eight novels. My story Drop Dead Fred is published online and featured in Flights 2011 literary book.  I am an alumnus of the Antioch Writers Workshop, Mad Anthony Writers Conference and participate in a critique group. The full manuscript of Death of a Political Nobody is available upon request. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Lori J Lopez

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