Yes, that’s one of my favorite lines from the original Toy Story. Not sure why, but it’s stuck in my head as a good title for a post, so there it is.

I’ve tried writing this three times and it just keeps coming up mush, but I am a writer and I will persevere. So the question posed to me this week by a fellow blogger (Jeff Goins) is Why should I (meaning you) read your (meaning my) blog? This got me thinking and of course, I had an answer. Because it’s mine.

Look, the honest truth is the majority of those who do and will read my blog posts are those who know me personally. Then there is the handful who have stumbled upon my little site from Twitter or Facebook, (those are growing weekly, thank you) and still fewer who came here because I sent you a query letter and you decided to find out a little more about me. Well, here I am, in my little corner of the world.

This blog started at  The original remains, with a certain amount of writing still up and an occasional update, but mostly it links you back to this site. I started the site because I love to write and I wanted to find an agent/publisher, outlet for my novels. I want the world to be able to read them. As I went further into this adventure of publication, I came to realize one basic fact. Why should anyone else invest in me, if I’m not willing to invest in myself. That’s where this site came from. I invested in an outlet for reaching potential readers/agent/publishers/ READERS.

I try to post interesting blogs, and I strive to post a temptation of my writing. Like the series exploring the characters in my novel Not Her Father’s Son. Who are they under the story. What does Alex like to eat, whois  Jack‘s favorite book character, and where does Dr. Klink’s likes to spend his summers. I want to stand out among writers who blog by offering something beyond writing advice and solicitation of my novels. Oh, I want to highlight the novels, want you to be curious and driven to buy them after reading what I do have here, but I’m not going to shove them down your throat. Not my style.

Then there is Chuck Wendig’s post about  you are not a brand. He reminds us in a way only Chuck can, that we are more than what we write and people are going to follow us because we’re people and they like to connect to other people. Following that vane, I also put a smathering of personal type stuff on here. ie; my quest for the replacement of my wayward netbook, what I like to read and what I dislike in those novels, which I use as a tool to better my own writing. From time to time, I just ramble, like now, because I am creative type and somewhat (cough) opinionated, and I like to pass on what bit of wisdom I do posses.

What you will most likely never find here is anything distinctive political or dealing with religion. Oh, I have an opinion about these topics, but I do not follow politics enough to offer an informed opinion and I prefer to keep my religious views to myself.

Why should you read my blog? Because on occasion, I have something interesting to say, because what I write is entertaining, and because, I hope, you get something from the time you spend in my company. Or maybe just because it’s MINE> ‘Nough said.