No, it’s not the attack of the G’s, it’s thoughts in my attic or something like that. As most of my friends know, I love gadgets, absolutely adore gadgets in all shapes and sizes, colors and abilities. I don’t discriminate, I give each a chance and explore their funness. We are talking about electronic gadgets here, not your common garden variety. Not to say i don’t like a new kitchen gadget or one for my car, but mostly, my love goes to those that plug in, beep, flash, flip, take me somewhere I’ve never been, or entice my mind, such as it is, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Oh, wait, that’s Star Trek, my geek is showing.

That/this said, I recently purchased a tablet pc. Which tablet pc did I purchase you ask? Glad you asked, after much consideration, and more than a few conversations with one of my sons geeky, gadgety friends, (thanks Matt) I proudly got online (that’s that whole seek out new things) and went to the AAFES website (military exchange) and ordered… drum roll… an Asus Transformer, so much more than a simple tablet.  Now like most tablets, it’s one piece of light weight mostly screen. It runs on the Honeycomb Android operating system and Yes, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t the Android system what most smart phones use? Why yes, yes it is. It is also basically, or entirely the Linux system. Very stable. (should I mention here that I did go to the store and played with several tablets and was able to freeze more than one within a few minutes? okay, I won’t then.) But wait, the Transformer isn’t just a tablet, you can, for additional funds, purchase the docking station that give the Transformer the look and feel, when attached, of a netbook. The advantage of this over a netbook, you might ask, (and what happened to the ACER netbook I loved so dear) is it’s lighter and it can be turned easily on its side for reading eBooks.  Or you can dock it and use a real keyboard with a touch pad for the mouse, so innovative, so lightweight. Whatever. 

It does great things, it amazes and stupefies, or that was the hope. Sadly to say, it is just, I say this with all love, another smart phone only bigger. (That doesn’t make calls other than SKYPEing) I found the Transformer to be glichy and my experience in trying to surf the net on it, annoying, touchy, slow, and not everything loaded. Facebook, gasp, was almost impossible to use for chatting. No, this was not the only reason I wanted the thing. Let me preface what I am about to say with this, I own a very nice eReader made by Sony that does everything but make coffee in the morning, as far as eReaders go. I wanted the Transformer over a new netbook (I’ll get back to where my beloved netbook went later) because I wanted to be able to get rid (suck in breath) of my eReader and have one less gadget to tote around. I like to simplify and thus put all of my reading/writing/editing into one basket, sort of speak. The Transformer is a great eReader. I also wanted to read/write/edit, it’s not a great editor/writing platform. Why? you ask. Because even its tablet keyboard is delayed. As my husband will tell you when I’m writing, my fingers fly over the keys. He says it’s like machine gun fire. The Transformer couldn’t keep up.

What does all this tell you? It tells you, thank you for asking, that although the Transformer is a great item, really, it’s just not Great for me and my purposes. After all, when it’s all boiled down, it’s a tablet, it uses apps not programs, and maybe I’m a little prejudice in that I grew up with DOS . I’ll admit this too, my son Thomas is right yet again, should have asked his opinion first. That said, he thinks it is cool and would love to borrow it, but would never buy it himself.  He gave me reasons, but he’s a Mac’er so…

Should I start at the beginning now? My little most adored, cherished, treasured, always with, little Acer netbook has gone traveling. I made the sacrifice for my husband so he would have something to take with him as he protects the world, conquers and fights evil with the men in tights, um, I mean uniform (green camouflage uniforms), wearing capes, okay night vision goggles, or at least carrying a weapon. Sarcasm, don’t you love it. But in all seriousness, I willingly gave it to him and he then, stupid husband, suggested I could go buy something new for myself. (Did I mention I love my husband?) So my netbook is still alive and kicking inside his duffel bag or backpack or whatever luggage he is using today and from time to time he uses it to SKYPE with those of us left behind. (I’ve read/listened to those books.)

The next logical question you might ask, what am I going to do? Back to the drawing board, I’m doing more research and trying, TRYING, not to be captivated by the it can do Flips, netbooks that are lurking out there in the big bad world for twice the price of your average netbook. Asus, Dell, and HP make really cool, flippy touch screen netbooks that pull me like a piece of metal to a magnet. After much deliberation and exploration and really weighing of the pros and cons, cons mostly being battery life, I’m going to purchase another netbook, quit possibly another ACER. Although…HP has this one that is pink and argyled? (is that a word?) More like, I’ll purchase the one with the longest battery life for the least amount of money from one of my preferred manufacturers.  I’ll keep you posted.

Totally off the subject and having absolutely nothing to do with today’s post, have you read Chuck Wendig’s blog? He is a riot, hilarious, ROFLMAO, seriously. That man can use the F*** word like a true NYer and I’m not sure he is one. I mean, I’m married to a NYer and though he uses profanity sparingly, he’s got a few cousins that could make a sailor blush. (and they’re girls) I will admit, as I have been prone to do today, I can swear, a lot, with great finesse, and enjoy it, but this guy, and he makes it funny. In fact, you wouldn’t know it from my blog, but I cuss pretty regularly.

Okay, I’m done, you may return to your normal boring life, but WAIT, before you do… PLEASE leave a comment, preferably about the topic at hand, but don’t feel stinted by that. I’d like your way-in on my choices in netbooks.