As posted on July 23rd blog, I spent the day with my writer friend Tami Absi in Columbus making writing videos for her ECOT classroom. One of the things she wanted us to do was write-up a pitch to be made into a video. To be honest, I wrote it, but I chickened out on making the video for a lot of reasons. The biggest reason was despite that she gave us the information ahead of time, several days, maybe a week, I didn’t have a chance to work on it until the night before and then I had only a few hours. Things are going on at my house that I’m not inclined to discuss for reasons of national security, seriously, so we’ll just leave it there. (Makes you wonder doesn’t it. Gives me a little more of a mystique?) Because I did not make the video and still have the write-up, such as it is, I thought I’d post it here, tweak it some and see what you all think. Your comments, as always, are welcome. In time, I probably will make the video with the help of one of my two sons (both graphic artist) or my talented daughter.

Here it goes;


My usual opening line would be greetings and salutations, but somehow in this setting it seems a little over blown, so I’ll just say hi. In case you don’t recognize me on sight, my name is Lori Lopez, military wife, mother of three, postal worker and writer, recently published author. (To read my published short story go to BDCWB.) I don’t mean to give the wrong impression that because I listed author last, that it takes last place in my life, because it doesn’t, but let’s be honest, right now the postal gig pays the bills.

Like most writers, I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. My most memorable first attempt  was sixth grade, poetry. Like most, my style and writing has changed and evolved over the years. I still prefer young adult fantasy, but in recent years, I’ve moved on to more adult topics and genres expanding my repertoire. (Look for a smattering of that writing throughout this site)  In the years since I decided to take an active role in writing, doing so for more than just my enjoyment, I’ve penned a series of six completed YA fantasy novels, with an additional still in progress. One of the short stories I wrote goes with the series.  These are not the only completed works. I also have a thriller romance and a suspense.

The fantasy series, Izzabella, follows a young elf named Lace through several years and into the future. When first introduced, Lace is on a quest to rescue the heir to the elfin thrown, on the promise that his return will bring peace to her war-torn homeland. A homeland she herself has been exiled from, an act that she feels is both deserved and a betrayal of her kin. The prophecy that brings her to travel with a handful of friends (Marvin, Egg, Dumas, and Allyn)  to a time and place they’ve all been forbidden, speaks of her death being the price paid for this promised peace.  In the first book, (visit rewrite of first chapter) First Glance, after the rescue of the heir, Lace wakes, a feat she hadn’t expected to manage, to find that peace remains elusive. Now she must face a future she hadn’t planned for, accept a friendship (Zephram, the elfin heir) she doesn’t want, and trust both herself and her friends to bring warring factions to peace talks.

Book two, Homeland. Lace travels with Zephram and a few friends, to their homeland. As her father before her and his before him, Lace was chosen by the egg of a dragon, and with its impending hatching, must return the egg to its nesting ground before it emerges. The road is fraught with dangers and only some of those are the creatures the group encounters.

Book three, How Far (all working titles). Centuries past, a group of elf’s set out from their homeland in search of freedom because they disagreed with the ruling king. When Lace and Zephram arrive in the homeland, they find that their numbers are dwindling. As the future heir to the throne, Zeprahm decides that with peace within, they should make peace between their own with the hope that their’s will not be the last of the pure elfs. The dragon has hatched and with Lace’s pledge of fealty to the crown, she is directed to ferry Zephram on his quest. No one knows exactly where that is, or what sort of reception to expect. Still unsure of his place, Zephram doesn’t put his best foot forward and Lace’s life is put in jeopardy because of it.

There are six completed books in the series, a short story and one WIP.  The series tittle is Izzabella and each book has its own title as follows, First Glance, Homeland, How Far, Perfidy, Seth, Fledglings Wanted, and Lost. Each novel is a standalone with Lace being the main character throughout and most of the others, coming along for the ride. They are steeped in magic, filled with mythical creatures, and challenge the reader to believe in the power of friendship.

If you asked if there is a theme or something for the reader to take away from the novels, I’d say that we must believe in ourselves and trust our friends, that love and friendship can overcome most adversity and to follow what you know in your heart to be true.