The sun isn’t shining yet, but the ideas are flowing and as I already have one too many WsIP going, I’m of the mind to pass one on. Yeah, I could hold onto it for another day, but I’m feeling magnanamous and generous and I basically know I’ll never get around to writing it. So here you all go, an idea for a story.

Over at Grande Dark Roast; No Room for Cream, Rick, blogger, is talking about starting over.  He mentions how in the human body the cells regenerate, replace themselves every seven years and how we should be master of that. How maybe we should reinvent ourselves, step out of our comfort zone and try something new, do something we’ve always thought about and then I thought about the blog I’d read just before this one.  Write to Done had a guest blogger on the 7th, yes I’m behind in my blog readings, not the point. Christopher Foster is seventy nine and he’s been writing all his life, now he blogs, trying something new. It just goes to show we can change, be something/someone new and that leads me to my idea.

Sci-fi, obviously, what if every seven years as our cells regenerate, we get a new start? Not just decide to try something new, but get say a do over, a new beginning, we are sent back to go/start and must pick a new path. There’s no choice in it, it just happens and like ‘poof’ we’re not who we used to be or at least, not in the reality of who we used to be.  Yeah, think about it.

Think about the repercussions not only to who we are, our sense of self, but how that affect those around us. Every seven years, one minute you’re doing whatever, going to school, going to work, being us, and then we’re not. All of the sudden, figure out the when exactly, at the moment of our conception, our birth, our realization of self, we suddenly are not that person/essence anymore.

Probably wouldn’t be such an issue at age seven or even fourteen, reality is basically what it is, we still have to go to school, but say at twenty one. How many of you were at college, or in the military, or even married, maybe had children and you were suddenly thrust into a new reality of life. Maybe there’s a space time continuum or something and we go to a dead stop and have a moment to figure out, okay, who do we want to be today, before life starts again and the teacher is now an Army Colonel, maybe we automatically have all the information we need for the job, or maybe it’s we have to start to build toward it, so we’re not a colonel but in the Army, or want to be in the Army.

How would that sudden disappearance of a spouse, co-worker, child, affect those who built a life with them? Imagine the lifes we could live.And probably we wouldn’t be in sync with those we interact with so on any given day, something in the dynamic of your life structure, could change.

Yep, don’t have all the particulars, but there’s the basic’s of the idea that struck me after reading those blogs. Go ahead, have at it and if you do write the story, pass it back, I want to see how it goes.

What kind of crazy ideas do you have that you just don’t have time for?

Here’s another ideas, what if we started a ‘here’s an idea I’m not going to use’ slush pile for others to help themselves. Just ideas running rampant in my mind.

Leave your thought please, lets get a conversation going.   Permanent page for ideas exchange here.