The poems posted here I wrote during high school. There’s a lot of rhyming and some dark thoughts. Maybe they could be made better, but as they are a reflection of those times, I’m not motivated to try.

Left Unspoken

by LJ Fetters

What if tomorrow never came and this was the final day

would I have done the same or spent it another way

would I have told you I love you in some poetic rhyme

Or would I have left that unspoken for some other time

Yesterday is gone forever tomorrow my never be

But I am glad that for today, you are here with me.





Deep In Thought

by LJ Fetters

Deep in thought

and out of sight

a silent girl

walks through the night

upon the water

covered in ice

behind a man

dressed in white



by LJ Fetters

As the deep and silent life

of a girl long from this world

becomes a wonderful sight

as she comes back in the night

a deep and dark stranger

sweeps into the room

and steels the silent child

asleep in a mother’s womb


 Alone, Alone Again

by LJ Fetters

when you’ve loved someone,

but know he’s gone

when you feel regrets,

but the damage is done

When you clearily hear

the grandfather clock

and the only voice

becomes your own

when solitaire

becomes your only friend,

then you know

you’re alone again.

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