No, I am not physically constipated, I am creatively constipated and therefore have been procrastinating. I post on my blog once a week, occasionally more often, generally on one of my two days off. My methodology for writing my posts remain more often than not, reactionary. Something I’ve read or listened too lately, some smattering of talk on the news, from other writers, or what I prefer, something having to do with my own writing; my character descriptions. Today, for the last several days, I haven’t been moved to a topic  which is why I’m on my own deadline to put together a post. I’m still at a loss.

I was given a topic by a friend. He suggested I write about skinny dipping. Once I went skinny dipping. I was 16, something like that. It was in a backyard pool of the neighbor of my boyfriend during high school. We did it at night and the lights under the water of the pool was pretty cool. That’s it, that’s my whole experience with skinny dipping. Now, three sentences later, does not make a good blog post.

Let’s explore my week. At the day job, very busy. With summer upon us many of my co-workers are on vacation leaving more for the rest of us. Several months ago I started a new job, on a temporary basis, but I now have the opportunity to go to school and earn the job permanently. It’s a challenge, somewhat, and it can be tedious, but it’s also intriguing and a lot more fulfilling then what I had been doing.


Last thursday  Inked a good friend of mine. Gave him a tattoo, yes, I used a tattoo gun and put a funny guy screaming on his shoulder. It’s what he wanted, he came to me, I didn’t go to him, and then he whined, a little, while I was doing it. I also did another tattoo later in the week for one of my son’s friends. There’s something fun about inflicting pain on men, boys. Makes me wonder if the guys who give tattoos every day as a business, enjoying it as much as I do.



Tuesday my youngest son turned 21. The weekend before he had a party with his friends. That was a lot of fun for him and for me. He is a graphic designer, computer geek type. His friends are the same and many of them enjoy a good shot of alcohol. So saturday afternoon a group of barely legal young males carrying laptops and/or desktop computers and varying types and amount of alcohol invaded my house. Along with my son’s fiancée. She cooked a carrot cake for him. The geeks set up a network and had a lan party playing any number of first person shoot ’em up games along with some team games and Command & Conquer plus Starcraft. A few drank more than they should, but being the responsible adult and the boys being the good kids we helped raise them to be, turned over their keys when they walked in the door. It took until yesterday to return my house to it’s relative clean space it generally is.

I’ve been revisiting some books that I’ve listened to more than once. I am an avid BOOKS ON TAPE lover. It makes my simplistic job at work go by faster. These are good books. Fairly well written, by well known authors; however, since diving into the craft of writing and perusing publication, I can’t listen to books the same way any more. The mistakes, errors, missteps, fall out like a delushe and although I do my best to just read to enjoy, it doesn’t escape me. Good side of that, I use this to be aware of what I don’t like and thus avoid it in my own writing.  Example, in one cop series I listen to, the lieutenant is married to a successful businessman, and instead of calling one another by first name, they are always calling each other by lieutenant and the businessman’s last name. It’s annoying. I have to say this is not the only series I’ve listened to where this is done. Still don’t like it.

Did I mention I own a motorcycle? Yep, I did that this week too, took a very long ride and enjoyed every minute of it. I had the opportunity to meet a new writer who has a wicked sense of style. A little dark, a little stomach wrenching, but that’s what makes a good story, right? The nicest part of meeting her is she’s a friend of one of my best friends since high school.

Along with everything else going on, I decided I wanted to change the look of my blog/website. I like the background and coloring, header and such, but there are aspects about the layout I’m frustrated with. I’ve tried manipulating the style sheet to fit my desires and have come up wanting to pull my grey hairs out. So I started looking around for a different theme, and found one. The only problem that I see in it is the coloring. I like my dark background, it suits my style. But I like the layout and ease of manipulation of the other theme I’ve found. My hesitation in activating it is that I am not sure if I can change the coloring and as my children, two sons who have graphic design degrees, have no time for their mother to ask their advice, I’m afraid to make the leap.I suppose I could ask my daughter. How is it that our children know how to do these things when we as adults struggle? When I said something to my daughter she informed me they were taught websites in the eighth grade, she’s now a junior so that was what, a few years ago. As anyone who uses wordpress will tell you, if you change themes, you lose settings from your current theme. Yes, in time if I dislike the new theme I can restore the old, but it’s time consuming.

And just to be sure I’ve touched all bases, I also loved on my dog. He’s old, eleven years, but still a good dog.

Tell me about your week?