Apparently I was the only one to appreciate the simplicity of the blank post, so I’ve decided to add something. Yes, this was a joke, a blank post signifying what lurked in my mind the day I posted it. I was drained.  In better spirits today and a little off the wall, as usual, I’m updating this post.

A few days past I spent a very enjoyable morning with a fellow writer and Crit partner, one of them. We sat, wrote, did #wordmongering on and went to a few books stores. I bought two books. This purchase for me is significant, because although I read, or listen to books, constantly, I own very few books. Most often I borrow books from the library or am loaned books. My space for books is limited, by design and thus I am stingy with it. This said, I want to share with you, my fellow readers and writers, what books I have deemed of importance to keep, in paper form or CD. I will not list the menagerie of writing and editing books or the few strictly research books I have.

Here’s my list, all of the physical books I own and keep in my collection.

Jake Wizner’s Spanking Shakespeare (Absolutely wonderful book.)

Carole Berg   Breath and Bone & Flesh and Spirit (paper)

Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosche series (audio)

David Baldacci’s Camel Club (Audio)

JRR Tolkien

Christopher Paolini’s Eragon series (Hardbound)

Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta series. (in audiobook)

Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series (audiobook)

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series (audio)

Jules Verne Master of the World

Stephanie Meyer Twilight series (Hardbound, there’s actually a story behind why I have these.)

This is by no means the only books I’ve read. I have a plethora of eBook or audio books in mp3 format, these represent those books I enjoyed enough to purchase in the physical, or bought before eBook/mp3 books were readily available.  My taste in reading includes everything from hard core Sci-fi, Fantasy, thriller, suspense, comedy, detective/murder mystery. and the occasional romance. I’ve probably read a few other genre’s in between, but these are the ones I seek out most often.

My favorite book from childhood was “Me TOO” I do not own a copy, wish I did.

What books do you own and consider your most precious?  Do you have tons of bookcases in and around your house?