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This week has been trying and not because of writing, but because I’ve been investigating other avenues for publication and ways to gain more of a following for this here blog. The problem is, there is so much information on both subjects  and even if you are careful in who you choose to listen to, it’s near overwhelming.

One supposed expert’s blog, expert being subjective, someone who’s been at this longer than myself and has had a moderate of success, said we shouldn’t be writing about writing. Say WHAT? okay, that’s a little deceiving. We shouldn’t be writing only about writing, and I can see her point. If the object is to grow a following of people other than our writer compadres, then we need to appeal to the reader population and writing about writing just isn’t going to do it. I can see that. Yes, there is more to my life beyond writing, not much more, but that’s by choice.

So maybe, perhaps, if I’m so motivated, I will find some other topics to post about. Since I started this blog though, I’ve tried not to be the typical writer blogger. I don’t write about what I think you should be blogging about or what the latest craze is in the world of publishing or that sort of stuff. Like my posts about the characters and who they really are. Not typical.

Another recent blog I read by a “expert” (someone with lots of followers) suggested, highly recommends that my blog have it’s own facebook page, so now I do. Lostinthewriting,  is now on facebook. Not sure why but whatever.

And of course there is the whole Twitter craze. I broke down and have been tweeting. I feel like a bird and often an idiot. Okay, so the idiot part I’m kind of used to. Still absolutely don’t get Twitter, but I have met some really neat interesting writers. A few I intend to follow through their blogs, Facebook, Twitter. These are by no means the only people I follow, watch, or stalk, just a couple of the new ones. I have my established favorites, like Bubblecow, Gary is wonderful, and the odd agent or as it is ex-agent who is now spending his time writing childrens books, and a few publishers and just ordinary folk. One of the best I’ve found is Crystal & Co, if you need family advice. There are more, check out my people worth following sidebar to see some of my favourites.

Like everything new, I’ve also found out somewhat quickly, that there are certain aspects of these new ventures, i’m not too fond of. And a few tweets, that initially I signed up to follow whom I’m going to stop following. Why? sigh, my last post was supporting the Indies and I still do, but the same thing that made me applaud their fortitude, is also a turn off after a while. Some of them do nothing but tweet fifty times a day ‘go buy my book’ or ‘her book’ or ‘his’. It gets old. It’s great to find new ways to connect to new people, but too much of a good thing is too much.

The bottom line, over the next few weeks I’m going to be experimenting with the subject matter of this blog. I will continue to have exploration of characters, some of my followers have come to expect it, even look forward to them, but I will venture further and explore me, you, the world around us, and odds and ends topics. Don’t look for political or religious blogs here. There probably won’t be any headline news discussions or posts about who’s hot in the world of acting. With the exception of my good friend Dallas Barnett who acts, does voice overs, and narrations. He promised to do an audio book for me once I’m published. I will hold him to it. I love to watch movies, but I avoid most television shows, exception NCIS, and loathe the news. It’s always slanted. As for books, I’m always reading something, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, a little romance, thriller/suspense or listening, I am an avid audio book listener.

Along the same lines. A friend of mine sent me a picture of a tattoo that I would dearly love to get. For those of you who do not know, I was born with a heart defect and had open heart surgery at age seven. Consequently, I have a huge scar covering the better of my chest, in the shape of a tee. For years I’ve wanted to do something a little different with it. I considered say, a line of safety pin peircings, or a large flower garden tattoo to cover it, but now I think this one will work. What do you think?

Yep, that’s a zipper tattoo around the scar. Awesome isn’t it.