As with any novel, there are  major characters and minor characters. The hero or protagonist, the antagonist and other somewhat major characters that add to the plot, but there are also more minor characters and of course those considered to be throw away characters. I’ve explored what I consider to be the major characters and now on to somewhat minor character as in they are neither the protagonist or antagonist, but play a pivotal role. I thought I’d start with Elaine, who falls in that line between major and minor character. Now we could explore Elaine’s role in the novel, point out that she is important to both of the main characters, but what fun is that and not the point of this.

Elaine is a little taller than the average woman, red hair, I won’t say flaming or bright those have both been over done, but it’s red. Although, when speaking of hair, one of the attributes is usually length. Hers has been as little as none, chemotherapy, to waist level, but currently it’s a little longer than shoulder length and often tied in a pony tail to keep it out of her way while writing. She used to be the consummate career woman always presenting herself in the best possible light, a well fitted suit or something similar. But that was before the cancer, now she’s most comfortable in  yoga pants and a loose fitting t-shirt or a free flowing floral dress, not to mention the Burkenstocks with socks any time of year. Elaine is always cold and keeps a ratty, holey sweater within arms reach at all times.

When Elaine was little she knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up, a journalist news anchor. Words are her passion. That and saving the world one person, living thing, at a time. Even if it kills her. The family knew she’d be willing to step in front of a racing bus to save a mangy snarling mutt.  But life has a way of slipping you a rotten tomato. She was paying her dues, making a name for herself in the world of journalism and newly married, when she was diagnosed with the big “C”. Despite the blow of her husband walking out, she persevered and eventually the cancer went into remission. However, after the cancer returned a second time, and a third, she was left physically and emotionally devastated. She dropped off the face of journalism. Recently she began doing freelance writing and is comfortable with her ‘lifemate’ Alex, living in a small home in the nation’s capital.

Elaine’s favorite way to spend an afternoon is sitting on her deck reading a book and sipping on something cool. What kind of book, shameless romance novels? Yes, and the cosy mysteries, swashbuckling pirate books, books of kings and queens, basically escapism books.  She loves to drink wine in the evening and curl up in Alex’s arm with a good book, breath slowly and remember what’s important, the moment.

Her kitchen is clean, the laundry is put away, and the grass is cut, but don’t look in the fridge. Worried for third world countries, Elaine detests wasting food, so there is always something growing in the back of the fridge. She doesn’t care if her socks match and prefers to go braless. She would know immediately if even one of her books, which are scattered throughout the house, was ever missing. Her brother used to jokingly call her the grammar Nazi and a book worm. Most of the rooms in her house are in various pastel colors. She’s not one for hard lines, harsh colors and any more, political or socially difficult topics.

Growing up in a family of devout Catholics who attended church faithfully, she has strong religious beliefs. Deep in her soul she still knows there’s a God , but has begun searching for other spiritual healings. The daughter of a long line of law enforcement types, she detests guns and has been known to attend anti-gun rallies. One of her biggest fears is her baby brother, Jack, will meet the same fate as their father and die in the line of duty, shot by the very suspect he’s looking to arrest.

How would Jack describe Elaine? Of all my siblings, she’s the one I love the most. I mean, I know we’re not supposed to have favorites, but she’s mine. We have a lot in common, like the same taste in women. My sister  would sell her last kidney to save some worthless soul. And the worst part about it, he wouldn’t even have to ask. She sees the best in everyone and expects they give her the same in return, never ready for that black ice until she’s sliding over it.

Alex would say that Elaine is a sun God, her savoir; warm and loving, forgiving and accepting. The one person who’s loved me no matter my faults or maybe because of them. I’m what Elaine needs, someone to save from themself. We have a symbiotic relationship that both nurtures and enables. It works for us.

Elaine loves life, her brother and Alex. She’s resigned that her life will end long before she’d hoped, she’s made peace with her maker and tells those who matter how much she lives them every day.