Okay, so I’m negligent in my postings and I apologize both to those who read them regularly and myself. It started the week of vacation when I tried to do everything afraid I’d go back to work and have no time for anything. It was true, back at work I have a new job and less time for things I like to do for me. I’m happy with the new job, so don’t get that wrong impression. I had a very enjoyable vacation that began with lots of time to write, hang with a few friends and of course, my kids. I took in a museum and the zoo and most importantly for my writing success, I attended the Mad Anthony Writers Conference. Then I got sick and have done little to nothing since in the way of writing. I’ve been back to “normal” for a week now and am still trying to get it all back together.

With the new job at work, same work place, new job, I am busy most of the day. This is actually a good thing because it makes the day go by quicker, but to be honest, I’m not used to working so much or so hard and have been too tired when I get home to want to find the energy to write. I’ll get there. Not making excuse, just explainin things.

Okay, back to the reason for these blogs, writing, mine, others, reading…  I’ve been reading a lot of blogs by fellow writers these last few weeks and there has been some buzz about both writing of blogs and reaction of writers in response to comments  and rejections receivedy. I’d like to just say this about the rejections.

#1. I’ll admit I haven’t sent out a ton of queries so I don’t have a great wealth of rejections to draw on however, those that I have received have been positive. (not very helpful in that none of them have given me much in the way of corrective criticism) All of them have basically said, just not right for us. Keep writing, keep trying, keep submitting.

#2. I look forward to both the rejections and the acceptances because both are going to make me a better writer.

I read someone’s blog who spoke on blogging about the rejections in a negative light. Okay, this is just bad for business all over. Again, I’ve not received any nasty rejections, but how on earth do you expect someone to want to accept you if they read your blog and you’ve put down someone in the industry. Or, on the other side, write a blog about who your all time favorite agent would be… is someone else going to want to pick up your manuscript if they know right off the bat that they’re your second choice for an agent.

Look we all hope to find an agent to work with and to find one that we CAN work with, but be an adult. Sometimes things don’t work out, sometimes there are personality issues that have nothing to do with your ability to write. It happens. Don’t negatively blog about it, it makes you sound like a whiney ass and no one wants to work with a whiney ass.

On the subject of ass, maybe I shouldn’t use foul language in my blog, but… it’s who I am and I do swear from time to time and probably more than I should. Is there foul language in some of my work? Hell yeah. But there isn’t any in my YA novels. Not to say it’s not hinted at, YA’s use language we adults wish they wouldn’t.

My other subject for today, comments on the comments others leave for you. Not everyone is going to Love my work, or even  me. I fully expect that at some point I’m going to get feedback i don’t much care for. It is both unprofessional and childish to respond in a negative way to those insulting, hurtful comments, don’t do it.  There has been some recent noise about a book series that is being made into an HBO series, a lot of my friends really liked the series. I couldn’t get into it. When they were all touting about it today, I listened to my mother… if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  I personally was bored by the book, I only read #1.

On the bright side of life, I picked up two new books to read. Angel, the next Maximum Ride novel by James Patterson and Come and Find Me by Hallie Ephron. I’ll let you know what I think in the next few weeks.

Next post I promise will be another exploration of another character from one of my books.