When I opened my windows this morning I was greeted with a beautiful white scene that conjured up thoughts of a winter wonderland where couples hide under covers in an out of the way cabin to enjoy what lovers enjoy.  Yes, I recently submitted my Death of a Political Nobody novel to an eBook publisher who specializes in romance. Although it is not strictly a romance, there’s no happily ever after, it did fit into their parameters, after I upped the heat some. Just a little.  So I’ve taken the day to enjoy a short reprieve before tackling the synopsis for my AngryRobot submission in March. I will be sending the first in a series of fantasy novels, Izzabella which follows a young Elf named Lace. With 3 additional prospects, all looking for YA fantasy, I intend to send number 4, 6 & 7 of the series. And when I say series, they follow Lace; however are each standalone novels in their own right. Novels 1, 2, & 3 are very sequential. Number 4 jumps some years in the future and is written in a very different tone. 6 is my only first person narrative in the series and told from three peoples points of view, separated by sections.  7 is present time, most of the characters from previous novels are gone and there is a host of new characters and settings.  There is another eBook publisher that I will be sending Not Her Father’s Son, so I will have a sampling of all of my work out there to be judged. I’m hoping for a favorable outcome from at least one, or is that two… you know what they say, prepare for total rejection, but hope they all are picked up.  Here’s hoping for the future!