One of the most daunting things I’ve written in a long time (since writing book reports for an unsympathetic high school English teacher) is writing the three to five page synopsis for Not Her Father’s Son. Of all the novels that I have written this is the most complex and I will admit, one of the most fun to write. In the last two and a half months I have labored (worse than childbirth) over compiling the 90,000+ word novel into what amounts to a short story that will, I trust, entice an agent, editor, or publishing company to take a chance on me. What I’ve learned during this processes, is that while the act of fiction writing at it’s most basic level is fun, going from point A (the manuscript rough draft) to published, is a lot of work. Too bad I’m not at the Published, but I trust it is coming.
Having finished the synopsis, in both a one page version and a five page, the query letter (already rejected once) and the character descriptions for the major characters, I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted. I look forward now to writing the synopsis for my other novels, confident those will be easier, the worst is done.

Another day, another retrieval, another one-night stand before returning home, but Alex Carver, fugitive apprehension agent with the Department of Justice (DOJ), isn’t going to make it home. Not in one piece.   (the first line in my synopsis, anybody enticed to read it?)