I attended a workshop this weekend hosted by Antioch Writers Workshop. The speaker was Rebecca Morean, a local author. Her topic releasing the writer within spoke of how we become the stifled writers that we often are. As young writers, in school, first learning all the mechanics of writing, we are constantly corrected. They call it teaching, as a child it feels more like criticizing. We learn to spell, to construct sentences, and punctuate, we also learn to self-edit.  As we become writers, we sit and procrastinate what to say, self editing before we’ve even touched pen to paper. For some of us this is a huge hurtle to struggle over everyday, for others, a minor bump in the road.

During the process of writing, these self-editing tendencies for me are held at bay, my time of struggle comes when I must wrap up my novel into a 3-5 page thought, condensing, sometimes more than 100,000 words into a few pages. I can write fiction, but truth? For isn’t that what a synopsis is, a book report, a truthful account of what the novel contains.

Here are some questions Rebecca  presented

1. What do I want?
2. What is in my way?
3. Where am I in the process?
4. How do I get the time?
5. What am I afraid of?
6. How will I respond to being successful?

interesting questions to consider for ones self.